Grade the trade: Spurs land a mentor for Victor Wembanyama in proposal

San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama
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Laying out the San Antonio Spurs trade proposal for Evan Fournier

The Knicks want to move on from Evan Fournier, and the veteran wing has expressed interest in playing for the Spurs. Wembanyama is the future of French basketball, and Fournier would love to play with his countryman and help him adjust to the NBA.

The 6’7 wing fell out of the Knicks rotation last season, but the 30-year-old should have plenty to offer in the right situation. He has played 11 years in the league and has been a productive role player on four different teams. Fournier could help the Spurs, but will the Knicks part ways?

The latest trade proposal on Fanspo has Don’t Google landing in San Antonio in a three-team deal.

Fournier trade

The Knicks dump Fournier with two draft picks they acquired from the Pistons in previous trades to get Bogdanovic. New York is looking for a forward that can play a key role to round out their roster. It is a steep price to pay for Bogdanovic, but one that could interest the Knicks as they look to make a deep playoff run.

The Pistons get back both of their picks in the 2024 draft from the Knicks as they continue their rebuild. They also pick up the Lakers' second-rounder in 2024 from the Spurs and save $7.9 million this season in swapping Bogdanovic for Devonte Graham. This move only makes sense if Detroit plans on continuing its rebuild next season in hopes of adding another lottery pick in 2024.

If the other two teams are on board, should the San Antonio Spurs make this move?