3 Realistic trade destinations where the Spurs can send Reggie Bullock

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The San Antonio Spurs acquired Reggie Bullock and a future first-round pick swap in a three-team deal that helped the Dallas Mavericks and Boston Celtics facilitate a sign-and-trade for Grant Williams earlier this summer. Not only did they gain a potentially valuable draft asset, but they also netted a defensive-minded forward who can shoot well from beyond the arc.

Bullock has a classic archetype everyone in the NBA values, especially contenders. San Antonio should receive calls about his availability, and while keeping him is certainly an option, they might hear an offer that is too good to pass up. With the Spurs needing to cut or trade a few players before the season tips off, here are some realistic destinations for the Tar Heel product.

1.) The Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland is having their best success since the departure of Lebron James. They are in the mix of legitimate Eastern Conference contenders, but one thing they sorely lack on their roster is three-point shooting wings. The Cavaliers addressed that issue this offseason by adding Max Strus and Georges Niang. Reggie Bullock could be their next target to round out the rotation. Offering Issac Okoro and a second-round pick could get a deal done.

Okoro isn't a horrible player, but his lack of shooting ability hurt the Cavaliers. He hasn't developed like the franchise would have liked, and they might be looking for a win-now presence. San Antonio would get a young forward who they can mold that fits the timeline of their core. At the very least, the former lottery pick could add some defensive prowess to a team that finished at the bottom of the NBA on that side of the ball last season. Anything the Spurs add to his offense is a bonus at this point.