Why the Spurs must make a decision with Reggie Bullock

Dallas Mavericks v Memphis Grizzlies
Dallas Mavericks v Memphis Grizzlies / Justin Ford/GettyImages

Let's be honest with ourselves here folks. The San Antonio Spurs and Reggie Bullock are not exactly a match made in heaven. While the offseason trade that sent him to the 2-1-0 was too good to refuse, it already feels like the veteran forward has one foot out the door.

Spurs Nation has a tremendous amount of trust in the front office, and it is important to keep an open mind about every move they make. I tried to let the deal sink in and waited for the lightbulb in my head to turn on. Fast forward a month, and I'm still struggling to connect the dots.

Reggie Bullock is a solid basketball player, but he doesn't make any sense in a Spurs jersey. While he might help San Antonio win a few more games next season, he will take valuable minutes from Julian Champagnie. And when a franchise is in the early stages of their rebuild, keeping your young players on the sidelines is detrimental to their development.

Prioritizing Bullock would be a misstep after the fantastic Summer League showing Champagnie had this offseason. The 22-year-old looks like he might be the second coming of Danny Green, but he will have a tough time reaching his ceiling if he is busy warming the bench.

Bullock is 32-year-old, and San Antonio has fully embraced a youth movement over the last couple of years. The Spurs are heading in a new direction led by their talented youngsters, and Reggie is a one-year rental that doesn't complement their mold. You might make an exception for a savvy veteran, but he is just a run-of-the-mill journeyman who has bounced between Los Angeles, Dallas, and Phoenix.

For people keeping score at home, those teams all have a bitter rivalry with the Spurs. And while that might not mean anything to you, it certainly does for diehard fans who consider the Silver and Black a part of their familia. For the record, all I can think of when I see Bullock is the Mavericks. This team has no room for him, and there are better destinations for where he is in his career.

The Spurs always try to do right by every player who walks through their doors, so where could they send him that makes sense for both parties? Detroit might be the best answer. While the Pistons are in a somewhat similar situation to San Antonio, they desperatley need veteran leadership and three-point shooting. Bullock can provide those skills, and he has prior experience with the organization.

The Pistons scenario is so straightforward. Wham, bam, done. Nice doing business with you Detroit. Good luck Reggie. Everyone goes their seperate ways. But as we all know, things are rarely ever that simple in the NBA. In fact, they are often the polar opposite. So why don't we look at a more complex deal to bring a Spurs alumnus back to San Antonio?

Hear me out. How about sending Bullock, some cash, and a first-round pick to the Boston Celtics for Derrick White? Yes, you read that correctly. San Antonio should trade Bullock to Beantown to reunite with a fan favorite. Crazier things have happened in this league, so why not? Bring him home.

It it petty to turn your nose up at a player just because he has ties to teams that make you a little sick to your stomach? Sure, and it probably shouldn't be like that. But at the end of the day, all that matters is getting Reggie Bullock off the payroll without taking any long-term financial hits. Adding something valuable along the way would be great, and some ball club is bound to want his services.