3 questions answered about Reed Sheppards potential as Spurs draft choice

Reed Sheppard has been mocked to the San Antonio Spurs several times. If the Silver and Black take him, here's how he grades as a lottery pick in the 2024 NBA Draft.
Reed Sheppard
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Should the Spurs spend a pick on Reed Sheppard?

San Antonio has two picks, but some have suggested they shouldn't keep both. There are all-star-caliber guards that the Spurs may be able to obtain if they include one of their top ten picks. Trae Young, Darius Garland and Dejounte Murray are among the most common names floated as potential options. Underrated targets like Anfernee Simons have also been the center of a few conversations.

All possibilities must be considered. As previously mentioned, there are no guarantees when drafting a prospect. There's something to be said for knowing what floor you'll get from a player. All of these potential trade targets are young enough to continue growing. None are finished products.

On the other hand, there is an appeal to drafting a guard so close in age to Victor Wembanyama that you could pair them together for the length of their careers. Because of the attention Wembanyama will continue to draw, Reed Sheppard's value could be immeasurable. Space is at a premium in the NBA these days as defenses continue to try to find creative ways to take it away.

If the Spurs decide to keep both of their lottery picks, Sheppard would be a great pick at number four, granted he is still available. He likely won't be there at eight. An underrated result of shot-making is that it allows you to set your defense. The Kentucky sharpshooter would help San Antonio in more ways than one, and any Spurs fan should be happy if the franchise calls his name on draft night.

Grade A-