21 Reasons for Spurs Fans to be thankful despite rough year

San Antonio Spurs Derrick White, Dejounte Murray
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11. Joshua Primo.

All you need to do is look at November 14th to see what Joshua Primo is capable of. In the home-opener for the Austin Spurs, he took over late to propel a team win with 28 points and four assists. Showing a full offensive arsenal of drives and long-range bombs, his 5-of-8 performance from beyond the arc was just a hint of what he can do.

His limited playing time in San Antonio has already led to fans clamoring to see more of him, and it's hard to blame them.

Primo has seen just nine minutes of NBA action but could be an option Coach Popovich turns to later in the season.

12. Help is on the way.

Having just two reliable big men has become an issue for the Spurs, especially when Jakob Poeltl was out for an extended period and Drew Eubanks started in his place. While Thaddeus Young played well in that span, his size hasn't helped against some of the better bigs in the league.

Fortunately, the Spurs have 6-11 center Zach Collins waiting to contribute sometime after Christmas if there are no setbacks in his rehabilitation.

San Antonio also has a weapon in the floor-spacing Aussie Jock Landale but, for whatever reason, Coach Popovich has kept that weapon hidden. Maybe that will change as San Antonio continues to discover what works and what doesn't throughout the year.

13. The Fiesta jerseys are legit.

After last year's fiesta jerseys knocked it out of the park, this season's Nike City Edition jerseys are quite a sequel.

In a debate series, two of our own argued their cases for the appeal of the new design, but I fall on the side that thinks they're a great addition to the collection. Well done, Spurs.

14. Keldon Johnson's undying love for Mariah Carey.

It's become a well-known fact among Spurs circles that Keldon Johnson is a big fan of Mariah Carey. From quoting her music in behind-the-scenes segments to singing her tunes, he's seriously dedicated.

Hopefully, when her new Christmas music comes out this December, we'll see another bump in Keldon's level of play as a result.

15. Spurs legends are all still invested in the current team.

Being a member of the Spurs means you're forever family, and several Spurs legends have taken that to heart. After Tim Duncan's brief stint as a coach came the announcement that Manu Ginobili would join the team in a role as special advisor.

Meanwhile, Sean Elliott continues to pair with Bill Land to provide commentary on home games while past Hall of Famers regularly attend games.

It's always great to see familiar faces at the AT&T Center, and with the strong culture the Spurs have, close ties to past stars will likely remain for years to come.

16. The Spurs can't even recognize their own tweets.

If you're not able to catch Spurs' behind-the-scenes videos on local broadcasts, you'd be wise to follow the official Spurs Twitter account to watch gems like these.

This particular question posed to the team was good for a couple of reasons. One, it showed that most of the team stays off of the distraction of Twitter for the most part -- and when they do tweet, they sometimes don't even remember it.

With the immediacy of Twitter comes a lot of unnecessary arguing from stars like Kevin Durant and Damian Lillard, so to see the Spurs mostly avoiding that is a good sign. But hey, it's nice to see them having some fun when they do decide to tweet.