2023 Ultimate Wish List Ranking for San Antonio Spurs Fans

Zach LaVine, Donovan Mitchell
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San Antonio Spurs
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6. The Spurs sign Miles Bridges (35 points)

My ranking: 5th
Fan ranking: 7th

Everyone was pretty much in agreement on this one. Signing Miles Bridges might be nice, but it shouldn't be a priority for the Spurs this offseason. On top of it probably being too expensive to bring him down to the Alamo City, he also isn't the 6-10-to-7-foot athletic big this team so desperately needs.

There were some differing views on the matter, though, including two staff members who had this ranked 2nd and 4th among all options. Jonah gave more thoughts on why he had this as his second-best option.

"Perhaps the best offseason move possible, the Spurs would add the best young forward in the game right now. After a blistering start, he has commanded a max contract, and the Spurs are in a position to shell out the money. He is not quite as good as LaVine or Mitchell, but the fit is there and the Spurs would just have to cough up the money (and not the assets) to acquire him."

Odds of happening: I could see the Spurs making a serious offer, but all indications point to the Charlotte Hornets matching any figure. I wouldn't bet on San Antonio landing the 6-6 forward this summer.

San Antonio Spurs
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5/4. The Spurs trade up in the 2022 NBA Draft (Tie - 48 points)

My ranking: 6th
Fan ranking: 5th

The Air Alamo staff actually tied with these next two options, with the first one being something we've kicked around as an idea for the Spurs this June. While the want to trade up might be there, Cal Durrett explained in a recent piece how he's not sure there are suitors for that to happen.

"San Antonio is one of three teams in the top ten that has multiple firsts, with Houston and Oklahoma City being the others," he said. "While the Spurs may be willing to trade up, neither would likely trade back for a collection of picks. The same almost certainly goes for the other teams in the top five who'd rather have the chance at selecting a star."

Of course, this option might not even be necessary if the Spurs cash in on their one-in-five shot of moving into the top four at the NBA Draft Lottery on May 17th.

Odds of happening: Considering what Brian Wright pulled off on trade deadline day, I'd say this is not out of the question. It's hard to be more precise with this until after the lottery though.