2022 NBA Mock Draft 2.0: New Names Enter the Top 30

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As March Madness comes to a close and the 2022 NBA Draft inches closer, that means more players have had a chance to make their impressions on scouts and big boards are being changed. With the NCAA Tournament behind us, we felt it was time for an update to our first mock draft of the season.

Like in the first version of our mock draft, Shaedon Sharpe will not make an appearance, and until we have word that he will officially be participating in draft proceedings leading up to June 23, he will not be included in future mock drafts. Make no mistake, though: if and when Sharpe does declare for the draft, he's going to make a big splash.

If you read our previous mock draft, then you already know what these are about. Let's waste no more time -- without further ado, this is version 2.0 of our 2022 NBA Mock Draft.

*Note: The draft order is per Tankathon as of March 29th, so there will be some changes in it by the time you read this.

2022 NBA Mock Draft
Chet Holmgren - Georgia State v Gonzaga / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

. Gonzaga. Chet Holmgren. 64. . . 1. player

With their second consecutive 1st overall pick in the draft, the Detroit Pistons select Gonzaga’s Chet Holmgren.

Holmgren is versatile enough to play in a wide variety of lineups and has unmatched two-way upside that can be realized if he continues to build on his frame. Even if he struggles to gain weight, though, his performance in the NCAA Tournament against Jalen Duren, who has as NBA-ready of a body as possible for an 18-year-old center, should go to show why his frame should not be seen as a significant hindrance. Throughout the tournament, Holmgren proved himself to be Gonzaga’s critical player, and his on-off stats are clearly indicative of that. 

Holmgren’s statistical impact in college basketball this season was very clearly felt, as he ended the season leading the entire NCAA in two-point field goal percentage, effective field goal percentage, and defensive rating. He’s also top 10 in the NCAA in nine other statistical categories and shot 39% from beyond the arc on over three attempts per game. 

If that isn’t enough for you, he’s doing this as a seven-footer with a 7’5” wingspan. Holmgren simply has unprecedented versatility on both ends of the floor that points to him being a serious candidate for the “generational talent” label. He scares lots of fans due to a lack of fitting NBA player comparisons, but any front office sitting at the top of the draft board should feel lucky to have a chance at him.