2 Spurs whose stocks are skyrocketing, 2 that are fading fast

San Antonio is 3-5 after eight games. So, who is standing out and who is losing ground on a roster full of young players?
Cedi Osman
Cedi Osman / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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Cedi Osman: Osman seems to be a natural fit for the tenets of Spurs basketball. He may remind fans of a bigger version of Marco Belinelli. He moves well without the ball, makes sharp passes, and nails shots all over the court. Placing Osman in the starting lineup could be what San Antonio needs to help them to take another step. When Popovich played Boris Diaw with the Big Three back in the day, it unlocked a fluidity the offense lacked. This move could have a similar effect.

Tre Jones: Believe it or not, the fourth-year floor general has the highest plus-minus (+34.8) in San Antonio this season. Even someone who stares at the sun can see the influence Jones has on the action. He defends with passion, runs the offense well, and pushes the pace in the open court. The Spurs reportedly do not view him as a long-term answer at point guard, but if the Sochan experiment continues struggling, he should see minutes with the starters again soon.

Jeremy Sochan receives an incomplete since he is the only person learning an entirely new position. Continue to show patience, Spurs fans. Eventually, the dam will break.