Spurs insider theorizes main reason Tre Jones isn't starting this season

Dallas Mavericks v San Antonio Spurs
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Gregg Popovich shocked fans when he named Jeremy Sochan the starting point guard and relegated Tre Jones to second-string duties before the season began. After only four games, everybody seems to have an opinion about the tall-ball lineup and how their lack of natural playmakers is to blame for an anemic half-court offense that often fails to find Victor Wembanyama even when he is wide-open and calling for the basketball.

While some subsections of the Spurs faithful have singled out Jeremy Sochan as the main reason for San Antonio stagnating on the scoreboard at the start of most matchups, this is far from a black-and-white issue. The solution may seem as simple as moving Jones back to the first unit. But team insider Matthew Tynan offered a solid explanation for why the coaching staff has yet to make a switch on the latest episode of Small Market Bias.

"I don’t think the Spurs view Tre Jones as their starting point guard for the future. They look at him as a backup, a very good backup. So why not, at this point, try to develop the stuff with Sochan? Whether or not he’s a point guard in the future, you’re still developing those perimeter skills, the decision making, the processing."

Matthew Tynan

Despite signing the 23-year-old facilitator to a $20 million extension this summer, the front office has no incentive to hand him the keys if they don't trust he can be the engine that drives their attack. This sentiment is no slight to Jones. He is a dependable floor general who protects the rock, but his frame and limited range restrict his value. And since the Spurs are still rebuilding, it makes sense to prioritize the growth of their higher-ceiling prospects.

You can check out the full podcast above, where Tynan and co-host Bruno Passos discuss the insane finish in Phoenix, Point Sochan, and Keldon Johnson as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

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