11 Players the Spurs signed past their prime

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6.) Stephen Jackson (The Return)

Stephen Jackson falls into a weird spot of being on the Spurs both before his prime and after his peak. His first stint in San Antonio was promising but frustratingly inconsistent, his second was more of the same.

He'd play well for stretches at a time but his impactful games were regularly matched with inefficent or games that where he'd simply disappear. Knowing his penchant for criticizing the Spurs organization as a whole, I'm sure Jackson would blame the inconsistency on Gregg Popovich's inability or refusal to understand Cap'n Jack's unique brilliance.

From his beef with Tony Parker that he just refuses to let go of to his bad takes about the '07 Warriors and his insane belief that he was a better player than Manu Ginobili, Jackson's connection to the Spurs has continued to be a well he goes back to again and again on his podcast. The Spurs should really be connecting royalties for how often he turns the conversation back to them.

This signing has the rare distinction of being a mistake on two fronts for San Antonio. Not only was Jackson well past his prime by the time he came back to San Antonio, but his return also gave him even more to run his mouth about. We'll be paying for that for as long as he continues to have a platform.