11 Outside-the-box ideas for how the Spurs can use Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama
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1: Use Wembanyama as the ballhandler in pick-and-rolls

Out of all of the ideas listed thus far, experimenting with having Wembanyama operate as the ball handler in the pick-and-roll is the most out-of-the-box. Having someone of his size try to create off the dribble is usually a terrible idea, and it is probably not something that will ever become a key part of his game. In spite of that, it could help him expand his game and gain additional tools. For instance, Keldon Johnson, who primarily played off-ball at Kentucky, played primarily with the ball in his hands in the NBA G League.

Fast forward to this season, and Johnson proved more than capable of attacking the basket off the dribble. If those reps helped Johnson, then maybe it could help Wembanyama. Imagine him eventually doing some version of what Giannis Antenkompko does, but with the ability to knock down threes and hit his free throws.

Thus, if using ball screens gives him the experience and confidence needed to become that type of player, then it's worth a few adventurous possessions here and there to see if he can expand upon that part of his game.

Overall, the Spurs hit the jackpot by winning the NBA Draft Lottery and will likely select Wembanyama first overall. He would give San Antonio arguably the greatest draft prospect ever, and they could look to use him in some out-of-the-box ways in hopes of maximizing his talent.

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