Spurs Assistant Coach Becky Hammon calls out NCAA’s inequality on IG

Becky Hammon (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Becky Hammon (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

If there’s one thing we know about the San Antonio Spurs‘ coaches, it’s that they’ll speak out when they feel that something is wrong. Gregg Popovich is usually the one in the spotlight on all kinds of issues like politics, vaccinations, and racial injustice, but Becky Hammon isn’t one to stay silent either.

With less than two hours until the Spurs were set to tipoff against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Hammon took to Instagram to express her justified outrage at the inequality being practiced by the NCAA.

To quickly summarize the situation that has gone viral, the NCAA came under fire when Stanford Performance Coach Ali Kershner shared an image of the women’s weight room compared to the men’s. The photo showed a massive room with an expansive collection of workout equipment for the men’s basketball teams, while the women’s room was a set of dumbbell weights and some yoga mats.

After Lynz Holzman, the NCAA vice president of women’s basketball, commented the disparity was “due to limited space,” Oregon player Sedona Prince disputed that fairly easily.

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Yikes. Sedona Prince, a member of University of Oregon’s Women’s Basketball Team, shows off the disparity between the NCAA’s amenities for its women’s teams vs. the men’s teams. She also appears to quash the claim there wasn’t enough space for equipment for the women. pic.twitter.com/WbPi7CNLaF

— Kalhan (@KalhanR) March 19, 2021

The story quickly spread everywhere, leading Coach Hammon to share some impassioned thoughts.

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In the post, Hammon shouted out Kershner and Prince for speaking up and “bringing light to the appalling situation.”

“These ladies that spoke up – that’s what leadership looks like! Staying quiet is for naps – so don’t get caught sleeping!” Hammon continued. There’s no doubt Hammon has had to face situations of inequality all of her life, especially in this profession.

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Something tells me the NCAA will be forced to make the situation right as soon as possible or they won’t have heard the last from Hammon and others.