San Antonio Spurs: Top four players recently selected eleventh in the NBA Draft

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San Antonio Spurs

SAN ANTONIO, TX – APRIL 2: Kawhi Leonard #2 and Cory Joseph #6 both landed with the San Antonio Spurs in 2011 and faced off at the AT&T Center in 2016. (Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images)

In recent years, some NBA Draft gems have been picked at the No. 11 spot. You’d have to think the San Antonio Spurs will add to that list in 2020.

So the San Antonio Spurs weren’t one of the lucky teams to jump into the top-four of the 2020 NBA Draft — No problem! With an organization as savvy as this one, finding talent at the No. 11 position will be a cakewalk. Even without individual workouts due to COVID-19, the Spurs have enough film and interview-time to make final decisions. Plus, the league is set to hold a virtual NBA Draft Combine where players can compete and prove themselves to these teams.

There’s a history of teams finding gems and long-term starters at the No. 11 selection. Every player to be picked eleventh since 2011 remains a consistent and reliable rotation player at the very least. In fact, there are a handful of current and potential future All-Stars that have been selected in this draft range in recent years.

Yes, a top-four pick would bode greatly for the silver and black, but it’s not the end-all, be-all. If the Spurs keep their pick, which one would expect them to, San Antonio is going to select a talented, young player who can make a lasting impact on their roster. Even if it’s not someone who drastically transforms the outlook of this team, you can bet the Spurs will at least find a player that fits their philosophy as many teams at 11 have in years before them.

The four players mentioned in this article are the gems of the eleventh pick spanning the previous eight NBA drafts. Others selected in this range include former ROTY Michael Carter-Williams, sharpshooter Doug McDermott, center Meyers Leonard, and the most recent selection, Cam Johnson from the University of North Carolina.

However, none of them took the league by storm as these four guys did.

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