Spurs News: Patty Mills uses free time to work on music career

San Antonio Spurs point guard Patty Mills is using the time freed up by the suspension of the NBA season to work on his growing music career.

It’s been just over a week since the NBA officially suspended the season. Good grief, just one week. It feels like it’s been a month. Just like their fans, NBA players are struggling to find ways to fill the void that has been created. One San Antonio Spurs player has taken the newfound free time to work on other talents.

Aside from being great basketball players, most NBA players have another skill they can spend time working on. Spencer Dinwiddie is an entrepreneur, Meyers Leonard is a great Call of Duty player, Tyler Herro is spending his time working on his shot. Patty Mills has used his time in self-quarantine to work on his talents as a musician.

After Giannis Antetokounmpo‘s longtime girlfriend posted a video of him playing guitar on Twitter, Patty Mills responded with one of his own. Now, I am a little biased, but I think Patty absolutely has the edge on Giannis here.

Several things stand out about that video. First things first, Patty’s style remains on point. Secondly, Patty can really strum that guitar! He’s got real potential as a player. Will his potential as a bandmate help him possibly recruit Giannis next summer? It’s a possibility.

Patty isn’t the only member of the San Antonio Spurs with musical talent. Lonnie Walker recently posted a video of himself singing in what looked to be the Spurs weight room. Lonnie has some room to improve as a singer but the potential is there. The Spurs could get their own little band together soon enough.

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Who will be the next Spur to reveal their musical talent? Will Keldon Johnson emerge as the next Travis Barker? Will LaMarcus Aldridge reveal his talent as a bassist? Personally, my money is on Bryn Forbes showing off his skills on the piano before this is all said and done.

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