Game 6. Spurs look to finish it off at home.


With 5 games under their belt, the Spurs are ready to finish this off back in the Alamo City.  With possibly the best 1st round series favoring the defending champions, Clippers are left scratching their heads trying to figure out how it all led to his, one game away from elimination.  Regardless of the fact that the Spurs have the edge, this series has been an exciting one to watch with both teams battling it out for the semifinals.

These past 5 games have been a rollercoaster of a series as both teams have surprised on the road for crucial wins, Spurs once again earning that edge with 2 road wins.  Now it all comes down to a game 6 back in San Antonio.  Now when I say it all comes down to it, I’m talking about the defending champions.  We know they can certainly take care of business on the road, but a home win tonight to secure the 1st round will be huge in preparation for the Houston Rockets.

These Spurs don’t want to be pushed to the limit towards a game 7 back in Los Angeles with the Clippers regaining confidence for one last game back at home.  They want to finish what they started and prove that Tim Duncan still has gas left in the tank for another playoff run.  How they’ll accomplish that with a non existent Tony Parker will be another question.

Game 5 seemed to reminisce Game 2 in Los Angeles.  An up and down physical battle winding down to the last second.  Tim Duncan scoring 21 points and 11 rebounds at this point shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone at this point in his career.  He is father time and will always be a threat until his knees decide to retire.  He has dominated the post and in this series has taken the role of savior in Games 2 and 5.

With a subpar Tony Parker struggling to find his form, Tim Duncan provided that much needed leadership to bring his team to victory in game 5.  Leonard’s defensive klaw never seems to stop as he managed to close opponents late in the game while contributing 18 points to compliment his 9 rebounds.  This resilient team never slowed down and is looking to finish the job tonight back at the At&t center.

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What really lifted the Spurs this late in the game was the strong play from the bench.  Mills contributed 13 points and has been the perfect substitute for an ailing Parker hustling up and down on every single play.  6th man Ginobili also pitched in 14 points while a versatile Diaw added 10 points to finish the game.  You could even see the difference right from the start as the Spurs bench outscored the Clippers 25-7.

With a nail biter of a finish to that game 5, are the Clippers confidence doomed going into game 6?  Or will it simply spark their offense to match up with the defending champions to force a game 7 back at home?  We’ll have to see tonight as the Spurs travel back home for a game 6 versus the Clippers at 7:30 eastern in San Antonio.

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