San Antonio Spurs First Round Scenarios


Who will we see lacing up to go head to head against the defending champions once the playoffs come around?  Well with 6 games left in this gruesome never ending season, a list of candidates come to mind, but with such uncertainty left in these last 2 weeks, its hard to predict what the actual outcome will be.


Like it has been all season, the West has made it close to impossible to see the layout of the Western conference matchups when the playoffs officially commence.  What is clear and what we definitely know is that Steph Curry and the warriors will have clear skies with home court advantage in their favor for all the playoffs.  But with the exception of OKC and maybe Dallas, the 2-6 seed are closer than ever with only a difference of 3 games with 2 weeks left.


With San Antonios 6 games remaining in the season, they know they have the playoffs in sight, but do they actually know who will be sharing the court with them?  Or even better, will they have home court advantage?  I want to be able to slightly predict that Spurs will end up in the 5th seed but the amazing thing about the NBA is that every game can always be very unpredictable and that’s best part of being a fan.  The emotion and suspense that carries with every game is pure genius and were about to indulge ourselves in the finest part of the NBA season.  The NBA playoffs.


Now, I won’t be able to exactly predict who the Spurs will face mid April, but what I can do is  break down the possible 3 playoff scenarios facing the defending champions.  If the western conference stay how they are right now you will be witnessing a very intriguing first round matchup of

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3.) Memphis Grizzlies vs 6.) San Antonio Spurs

For me this would be an amazing first round matchup.  They have playoff history and have always battled it out in very suspenseful vigorous matchups.  They first met back in 2010-2011  and had a tough first round with this brawny team as they were ousted in a compelling first round series which resulted in a 4-3 loss.  Fast forward 2 years later and they meet again this time in the western conference finals when the spurs annihilated the grizzlies in a famous sweep fashion to advance to the NBA finals.  They destroyed Memphis 4-0 to draw up a Finals matchup with the defending champions at the time, Miami Heat.  So with the playoffs split 1-1, it can be anybodys series if they do indeed meet up again.  The season matchups don’t tend to give any advantage either since they have split 2-2 and carry pretty similar records.  When it is all said and done, if we are granted a first round matchup with this resilient team, I still give the edge to San Antonio mainly depending if they get home court advantage since Memphis is also a very dangerous arena to compete in.  Spurs win 4-2 with Big Fundamental Tim Duncan being the main factor.


2.) Houston Rockets vs 7.) San Antonio Spurs

Okay now this is anybodys guess and a very hard one at that.  No playoff history between these two teams but a rivalry nonetheless when they battle it out during the regular season.  These 2 squads have always clashed it out to determine(along with the Mavericks)who indeed is the best in Texas.  Having played just 2 of their 4 regular season matchups, the odds can’t really linger in anybodys favor since they have split games 1-1.  Rockets taking the first game 98-81 back in November while the Spurs repaid the favor giving them a 110-106 new years eve loss.  Again tough call with the rise of Harden and his MVP caliber performance this year, but when it all comes down to it, experience always triumphs.  I give the Spurs the win in a 4-1 opening series matchup.

4.) Portland Trailblazers vs 5.) San Antonio Spurs

Last but not least, Portland Trailblazers versus the San Antonio Spurs.  This would be a fast paced thrilling matchup to witness and an exhilarating one at that.  I love the duo of Lillard and Aldridge and it’s never an easy combo to guard.  Regular season matchups, Trailblazers own the Spurs as they have won 3 of their 4 games with their only loss dating back to January 16th as they were dealt a tough road game upset losing 110-96.  Their 3 victories though were won with an average of 10 points per game dominating the Spurs on both ends of the floor.  Playoff matchups, only 1 series since the big 3 era, and that was last year when the Spurs dominated in the western conference finals dealing the Trailblazers a fast 4-1 exit out of the postseason.  I honestly think the Trailblazers are a way better team than last year and despite that awful injury to Wesley Matthews, can be the Spurs biggest challenge in the postseason if they do meet up.  My prediction is, and I’m trying really hard not to be biased here, Spurs take it in 7 tough hard fought games to advance to the next round.


Those are my 3 playoff scenarios the Spurs might encounter when the regular season ends in 2 weeks.  Anything can happen, but regardless of their matchup, the Spurs have the best experience in the world when it comes to the postseason and will definitely not see a first round exit.  Trust me when I say, Spurs are eyeing back to back titles.


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