NBA Southwest Division Power Rankings: Spurs Making Way to Top


It’s been another week in the NBA which means it’s time for another edition of our NBA Southwest Division Power Rankings.

This week we see the San Antonio Spurs catching some ground on the Southwest Division’s best, a team in the Southwest Division posting an under .500 record for the week, and the continued reign of the boys from the “Blues City.”

With that said, let’s go ahead and jump into these Southwest Division Power Rankings to see where the teams from the NBA’s best division lie!As always, let us know your thoughts on the rankings below in the comments section!

Next: No. 5: New Orleans Pelicans

New Orleans Pelicans. 5. 69. We have decided to build some anticipation this week by starting out with the lowest ranked team and work our way up through the Southwest Division. Starting off these rankings at the bottom are the New Orleans Pelicans. It’s really unfortunate that the Pelicans play in arguably the toughest division in the NBA. As stated last week, the Pelicans just have to win the games they should and they will have a chance to move up in these rankings. A loss against a poor Denver Nuggets team last week does not really help their case in that regards. The good news is New Orleans has a chance to make up for that loss this week with three winnable games. <p><strong>Up Next This Week:</strong> Nov. 28 @ Atlanta, Nov. 29 @ Washington, Dec. 2 vs. Oklahoma City</p>. 7-6 (1-2 DIV). Previous: 5th

Next: No. 4: Dallas Mavericks

79. The Dallas Mavericks are another team in the Southwest Division that finds itself at the bottom due to the talent level within the division. The Mavs are a good team, but, much like the Pelicans, find themselves at the bottom of the power rankings because of the amazing things that other teams are doing in the division. It also does not help that Dallas lost a home game against a depleted Indiana Pacers team. The bad news for Mavericks teams is that the road to the top of the division does not get an easier, especially with road games against the East leading Toronto Raptors and Chicago Bulls slated for later this week. <p><strong>Up Next This Week:</strong> Nov. 26 vs. New York, Nov. 28 @ Toronto, Nov. 29 @ Philadelphia, Dec. 2 @ Chicago</p>. 10-5 (1-2 DIV). Previous: 3rd. Dallas Mavericks. 4

Next: No. 3: Houston Rockets

11-3 (2-1 DIV). Previous: 2nd. Houston Rockets. 3. 169. The Houston Rockets continue their free fall in our Southwest Division power rankings this week thanks to splendid weeks by the teams above them, the San Antonio Spurs and the Memphis Grizzlies. Houston fans should be upset that the Rockets are sitting at number three in these rankings after being number one just two weeks ago. The Rockets have no one else but themselves to blame though. The team should have finished 3-0 last week with three home games but were unable to win against a poor Los Angeles Lakers teams. Like Dallas, things do not get any easier for Houston with two out of three games against above .500 teams scheduled for the coming week. The Rockets could drop even farther if the Mavericks can find a way to perform better this week than Houston <p><strong>Up Next This Week:</strong> Nov. 26 vs. Sacramento, Nov. 28 vs. Los Angeles Clippers, Nov. 29 @ Milwaukee</p>

Next: No. 2: San Antonio Spurs

After sitting at the bottom of the Southwest Division power rankings at one point because of a slow start to the season, the San Antonio Spurs find themselves continuing to be on the up and up, coming in at one spot from the top this week. The Spurs have proven recently that they are not to be messed with, evident by two double-digit wins against Minnesota and Brooklyn, and one close victory in Cleveland against a star-studded Cavaliers team. San Antonio should continue to reign supreme in Texas with an easy schedule not only for this week, but, also for the first half of the coming month. If only they could now figure out how to get healthy. <p><strong>Up Next This Week:</strong> Nov. 26 vs. Indiana, Nov. 28 vs. Sacramento, Nov. 30 @ Boston, Dec. 1 @ Philadelphia</p>. 9-4 (1-2 DIV). Previous: 4th. San Antonio Spurs. 2. 29

Next: No. 1: Memphis Grizzlies

211. It’s another week and another chance to show the NBA that the Memphis Grizzlies are clearly ahead of the pack. Although Memphis finally lost its second game of the season, at the hands of the Raptors in Toronto, the Grizzlies are still the team to fear in not only the Southwest Division but also the Western Conference which is why they continue to land at the one spot in these power rankings. Jus to re-emphasize how good this Grizzlies team is, that loss in Toronto was to a Raptors team that has the best record in the East. Also, the loss was only by four points. Memphis does have a tough road ahead of them this week which could put their top spot in danger. Stay tuned to see what happens to the Grizzlies. <p><strong>Up Next This Week:</strong> Nov. 26 @ Los Angeles Lakers, Nov. 28 @ Portland, Nov. 30 @ Sacramento</p>. 12-2 (2-0 DIV). Previous: 1st. Memphis Grizzlies. 1

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