Nando De Colo Is Upset With Lack Of Playing Time


Feb 6, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; San Antonio Spurs guard Nando De Colo (25) against the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Target Center. The Spurs defeated the Timberwolves 104-94. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Nando De Colo is tired of wearing suits on the bench.

According to Spurs Nation, via French newspaper La Voix Du Nord, the Spurs guard is frustrated and doesn’t understand why he hasn’t seen much of the floor in the playoffs, after playing in 72 of the Spurs 82 regular season games.

Spurs Nation put De Colo’s comments through Google traslation, and here’s what he said:

“It really is not easy especially since the months before the play-off, I played 10-15 minutes behind Tony (Parker). Then I found myself more on the bench than on the (court). I played the first round against the Lakers, but in the end rotation when the game was won. Already, it was not easy. And the Golden State series, you’re in a suit, that’s (disappointing).

“I came here to play. I prepared all year to be ready for the play-off. Finally, I do not play. The worst is that it is one of the assistants that (tell you) you’re in a suit as if it was normal. The morning of the game, I was leaving after the shooting and said “Nando, tonight you’re in a suit.” You say (nothing). You do not know (what happened).

“You’re in a new series. You wonder why you (sit), and not another. It is not obvious at all. At first you think it is a game or two. Assistants tell you that things can change and, in fact, nothing changes. There is not much to say. There is little collective training, you can not regain your place. I try to keep the morale and I continue to work on my side.

“I go to the weight room, I do my individual sessions in the gym, cardio. I’m just waiting to be told, you’re back in the lineup. But in my opinion, it does not depend on an injury. It will surely last until the end (of the season).”

“I’m under contract with San Antonio,” he said. “There is no reflection or having to say “I’m going back to Europe.” I will continue to work. We’ll see if something must be done after the play-off or not. It’s frustrating not to play but there are not to think more.”


De Colo being upset is understandable, after Popovich declared that he would be the primary backup point guard, only to have Cory Joseph usurp his role instantly.

But he’s fooling himself if he thinks he deserves playing time. Joseph has proved to be a better in nearly every aspect of the game than De Colo. He’s also four years younger. At 25 years of age, De Colo’s development is practically peaked. Sure, he can become a better shooter and once he learns the offense more, he’ll be a better play maker. But that’s it. “Mini Manu” doesn’t offer much.

The only reason Nando was even seeing minutes in the first round, was due to the injuries of Diaw and then Splitter.

With the injuries, he was active and could play garbage minutes. But Mills knows the system better and shoots better as well. McGrady is the emergency backup to Leonard and Green, so him being active is crucial in case of injury. You can do all the working out and weight lifting you want, but Joseph is still a better player, with a higher ceiling.

Blair learned to quit complaining. McGrady’s learned to accept his role. And Stephen Jackson learned what the consequences are when you actively complain.

Maybe it’s time Nando learns a lesson too.