NBA 2K13 Game 1 Simulation


What’s going on Spurs fans!!?? My name is Matt Rehome and I will be bringing you a simulation of game 1 of our San Antonio Spurs and the LA Lakers using NBA 2k!# by 2K Sports. I have done this in the past with my brother Mike here at Air Alamo, and I am sure if you search you can probably find some of the old simulations that we did. I will be bringing this to you before every game day and we will see how close 2k Sports predicts these games. I will not be playing the games but will be using the “simcast” feature that is provided in NBA 2K13. I know that other sites simulate the whole playoffs, but I like to do it game by game so we can compare the games. So sit back and relax and I hope you all enjoy the simulations.

The AT&T Center was jam packed with all the fans waving their white towels in the air gearing up for game 1 between the LA Lakers and their San Antonio Spurs. This series will be different from the ones of the past between these two as Kobe Bryant ended his season with torn Achilles and also the Spurs signing Tracy McGrady just last week.

Taking Kobe’s place in the starting lineup for this sim was Jodie Meeks as the rest of the Lakers starting five had Nash, World Peace, Gasol and Howard. The San Antonio Spurs had a starting five of Parker, Green, Leonard, Duncan and Splitter.

Jumping right into the game the Spurs would take a early 8-2 lead behind the play of Mr. Leonard as at the end of the first quarter the Spurs would take a early lead, 23-21. The second quarter ended up being almost a copy cat of the first quarter. There was some strong play from Steve Nash with some nice assists to Howard and Gasol down low. The half would end with the score all tied up 42-42.

When I was sitting here watching this simulation go down I thought the Spurs would come out fired up, which was not the case. The Lakers would go on a 12-0 run and put up 36 points in the quarter. The Spurs scored 25 but the Achilles heel, no pun intended, was the turnovers for the Spurs. Just in the third quarter the Spurs had 8 turnovers which the Lakers capitalized on. The Lakers would take a 11 point lead into the fourth quarter and looking for confident and quieting the Spurs faithful.

Timmy Getting Fired Up

The Spurs came out in the fourth like they should have at the start of the second half. Virtual Pop must have laid into the silver and black as they cut the lead to three points in the fourth. It was look good for the home team but the turnovers started coming once again. The Lakers would end up winning and stealing home court from the Spurs 99-91.

All starters for the Spurs played over 30 minutes instead of Timmy who played 28. All Spurs starters were in double figures with Tiago Splitter leading the way with 16 points. TP9 had 5 turnovers and the Spurs ended up with 14 all together. Ginobili had a decent game off the bench but we did not get to see Gary or T-Mac play in game 1 (I know Neal will get PT in the real game, but I would like to see T-Mac also).

Gasol and Howard showed that they can play together as both big men had over 20 points. Antwan Jamison was the spark for the Lakers off the bench as he added 17 points on 4-9 from 3 point land.

We will see if the virtual Spurs can even up this series and take it to LA one game a piece.