Time to start putting Tony Parker in MVP consideration


Jan 25, 2013; Dallas, TX, USA; San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker (9) looks on with a cut to his left eye in the first half against the Dallas Mavericks at the American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

This thought has been floating around since last season. As the days of Duncan draw to a close, Tony Parker has taken a firm grip as San Antonio’s “main guy.”

Of course, The Big Three is still intact. However, injuries have hampered Manu Ginobili and Timmy, which has left much of the load on Parker’s shoulders. His response has been nothing short of spectacular.

Parker has been playing out of his mind, and he finally may have grabbed some attention Sunday night.

In a nationally televised game, the Spurs bounced back from a loss to the Detroit Pistons with a huge win in Brooklyn. Granted, San Antonio needed a rally to overcome the Nets, but regardless, Parker put on a show.

While the Grammy’s and The Walking Dead were, also, on television, I’m sure everyone had it locked on ESPN. Who could pass up an epic clash of the Spurs and Nets?!

No one, that’s who. The entire country witnessed Tony Parker work circles around the Nets defense who could not do anything except watch him put on a magnificent performance.

Parker did not reach the 30-point mark for the third straight game, but 29 is close enough. He made a big case for why he is the Most Valuable Player in the league. Honestly, people didn’t watch a basketball game Sunday. They watched the future.

Ginobili and Duncan will more than likely retire before Parker does, and while I do not expect Parker to be playing at this level as he pushes 40, he still will be the floor general for a squad filled with youth that has plenty of potential.

At age 30, though, Parker is clearly in his prime. This is the apex of his game. And if he is going to win an MVP award, it is going to be this season.

He’s not Lebron or KD, and he does not put up there numbers, but we know those guys are going to get their points. They are outstanding players, but Parker’s recent serge has finally given him a legitimate case as the league’s best point guard.

He is the leader for the team with the best record in the league, and yes, the numbers are not gaudy, but Parker has been nothing short of marvelous this season. Popovich would even agree:

I think he should be in every conversation for any award that’s going to be given. I don’t think that is really tough to see. I mean, there’s a group of guys, but he should be in that group as one of the guys that’s playing the best in the league. — Gregg Popovich (via ESPN)

While winning the Most Valuable Player award would be an amazing accomplishment for Parker, it probably will not happen. However, the media is beginning to see Parker as one of the league’s best and he will get even more exposure this weekend if he can defend his Skills Challenge title.

A much more reasonable goal for Parker would be an All-NBA First Team selection. Now of course, it will be hard to beat out a guy like Chris Paul, though, who is to say Paul and Parker can not both be First Team selections?

It is something to ponder. Is Parker deserving? The Spurs fan in me would love to say yes, but in today’s NBA, it is hard to beat out the faces of the league. Especially when you play on the team that was handed a hefty fine for resting stars for a nationally televised Thursday night game, and you were one of those stars.

Spurs fans can dream, but do you think Parker should be in MVP talks? Let us know in the comments.