Mock Draft Version 1.1


Now with updated Combine measurements.  We’ll do an updated version in the near future.

Why: Consensus pick that fits as need, can run behind Davis for awhile to get his feet wet.

Why: Minus Kevin Love, this front line sucks.  A two guard might be nice, but there isn’t one worthy of a pick this high (perhaps a trade is in order).

Why: Their point guard of the future that can learn behind Harris for awhile.

Why: If he makes it this far down, this pick takes all of 1 second.

Why: Theirs is a front line in need of help, but honestly so is the rest of the line-up so I think they go with the best available player.

Why: Imagine this dude running the break with Wall!

Why: Allows ‘Reke to play off the ball, adds some pop to a team in need of it

Why: Nice complement to Greg Monroe, and you’ve gotta start re-building somewhere

Why: Gives them a rebounding and defending big.  They certainly have needs elsewhere as well, but shoring up their “D” would be a good move

Why: Teamed with Bogut and Jennings the Bucks would have a nice young core, but this team could use some shedding along its wings

Why: Provides some smarts and much needed shooting to go with the Warrior’s flash

Why: Is going with the local product the right move? Considering the Sloan debacle I say yes, Jimmer will put some butts in seats, and should be a nice player off of the bench

Why: PHX has always had good shooters, and this dude would fit well in that system. Steve Nash won’t be there forever, so playing for his departure by grooming some young PG’s makes sense

Why: If he’s here, the Rockets grab him in a heartbeat, fills the hole left by Battier

Why: Indiana’s biggest needs seem to be along its front line, but a lot will depend on what they decide to do with Granger and/ or Dunleavy.

Why: A bit raw, but fills a major need

Why: Chauncy needs a competent back-up & eventual replacement

Why: Can shoot and score with the best of them, fills one of many holes

Why: Pair him up with Bismack and you’ve got the start of a formidable defense

Why: Well rounded combo forward type player that would add some nice depth

Why: A solid team that could use some help along its front line, a healthy Roy or Oden would be nice too

Why: Nené 2.0? Sure, why not?  Denver was hot after the big trade, so not much tinkering needed

Why: Hayes, Miller, Thabeet, and Yao (maybe) aren’t cutting the mustard

Why: Thunder are young and could use a Vet more than another youngin, but Presti likes to think ahead

Why: Rondo could use a quality back-up (I don’t see Bradley as a PG), but I could see the Celts going big here too

Why: Can play either wing, and I think that’s Dallas’s main need now

Why: NJ is a flawed team, but adding size, shooting, and passing should help

Why: Chicago’s a good team with a whole at the Two and in need of another scorer

Why: A Big that can shoot and has athletic ability seems like just what the doctor ordered

Why: Chicago runs two deep at point guard, but it’s hard to pass up size, defense, and handles at this point.