Game #11 Preview :: Spurs at Jazz


As you can tell by that fancy looking graphic I made at the top our next opponent is the Utah Jazz.  Who’s ready?  I know one team that will be ready tonight and they are going for win number ten on the season and number nine in a row.  Our boys are playing lights out right now and we do not seem to be losing any steam.

I am going to switch it up a bit with how I do things so be prepared because here we go………………yeah boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

We overcame a big defecit against the Bulls with teamwork. It is gonna have to be the same against the Jazz. Source: Getty Images


| Point Guard | Tony Parker . Derron WilliamsFirst off I am just dumb founded by both Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy for not having Parker in their top five point guards this season.  Well hell who really listens to them guys anyways?  Yeah, that is what I thought not to many.

TP is infact one of the top in the league, Deron Williams is also.  This should be a good match-up to watch and pay attention too.  Both are really good and getting to the whole and scoring.  Williams is bigger in size and could possibly take advantage of that by taking Parker down on the block.  Do I see that happening possibly.  TP will hold his own as he always does.

Statistically Williams holds a margin on Parker.  He is averaging just over 22 a game while Parker is at 18.  Parker is also averaging a career best in assists at 7.6 a game.

EDGE: Jazz

| Shooting Guards | Manu Ginobili . Raja BellRaja is going to have his hands full against Gino.  Gino did his tricks against the Bulls in getting to the basket and most teams should know by now, the guy is left handed.  He makes them look bad every single time, night in and night out.  Bell will not have a fighting chance, well actually, I remember when he choked Kobe Bryant, that was classic.  Anyways, yeah, Raja start looking for your teammates cause Gino is going to put it to you.

EDGE: Spurs

| Small Forward | Richard Jefferson . Andrei KirilenkoI hate AK47’s hair.  That is not the reason why I am giving the edge to San Antonio.  Jefferson is playing with a purpose this year.  He has proven that he is the RJ of old, back when he was with NJ and with his aggression and explosiveness this year he gets it over the guy with the bad hair.

EDGE: Spurs

| Power Forward | DeJuan Blair . Paul MilsapI was excited at the start of the year to have Blair starting.  Though he still gets around the ball, he hasn’t done much on the offensive end.  Milsap has been playing very well for Utah.

EDGE: Spurs

| Center | Tim Duncan . Al JeffersonBoth can do alot for their team.  Duncan has proven that though, before the Bulls game scoring under ten points for the first time in his career in a three game span proved not to be a bad sign.  I am saying he doesn’t have to put them on his back.  Jefferson has come alive in Utah and proven to fit well.

EDGE: I am going to give it to both teams, I guess that isn’t an edge is it?

| Bench | Red Rocket anyone!?  Bonner left the game against Chicago making nine consecutive three pointers, he has an unusual shot but boy does he make it look good when it goes in.  George Hill has been doing his thing on the offensive and defensive end.  Splitter, let’s get going!  Jazz bench is what helped them in their comeback victories this year, but outside of CJ Miles, really not much offense coming into the game for them.

EDGE: Spurs

| Coaching |  Pop . Sloan (WNA)Sloan is probably one of the most underrated coaches in the league.  He will not be in attendance tonight as he is attending a funeral.


| Outcome | What can I say.  The Spurs are playing with a cause.  They are not playing soft, they are not playing slow.  We need another fast start against the Jazz.  If we so happen to fall behind, remember what happened against the Bulls when they were cheering in the second quarter when they were up 15.  We as well as they know what happened in the third!


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| TV and Radio |The game will be televised in the San Antonio area on Kens 5.  You can also catch it on the radio on the AM side at 1200 WOAI.