Players Most Likely to be Traded


With the new season only in its earliest stages, starting to talk about trades may seem a little premature. I say, fortune favors the bold and when it turns out that I was right on even just one of these, Imma come back here and gloat like Kanye at an awards ceremony.

One of these three: Jason Terry, Caron Butler,  or Alexis Ajinca – Mark Cuban has shown himself to be a tinkerer and practically unable to make a trade when it comes down to it. The three players listed above could turn out to be a bit redundant once Beaubois returns to health or if Chandler and Haywood show decent production.

Eddy Curry – Plain and simple, the Knicks would love to dump this dude and I bet they would part with almost anything if that’s what it took.

Andre Iguodala – Most valuable piece the Sixers have, and given that Doug Collins is already complaining about his “flawed” team, I wouldn’t be surprised if something got done here.

Tayshaun Prince – Another example of a valuable asset on a team that needs help. His name is thrown around year in and year out as the deadline approaches, and he would be a good fit on a number of teams that need defense and length.

TJ Ford – Seems to be less of a “cancer” this year, but if the Pacers can drop him they will.

Carmelo Anthony – Plenty has been said on this topic, that I won’t rehash here. (Bonus: If ‘Melo goes, the Nuggs might as well blow it up and trade Billups too)

Josh Smith – the Al Horford and Joe Johnson extensions may have sealed this guy’s fate, lots of teams would love to have him and if the right deal comes up the Hawks would be stupid to not at least think about it.

Jeff Foster – Has there been a time over the last five seasons that this guy wasn’t involved in trade discussions? If Psycho-T and McRoberts can show they are ready, Larry Legend would be remiss not to try and gain some help for his team…maybe he could package Ford and Foster(?)

Michael Redd – The Bucks need help at places besides the wing, and there will most likely be a team out there in need of a shooter that might just rent Mr. Redd for a run at the playoffs.

Kevin Love – With David Kahn at the helm, you never can tell what the Wolves will do, but for some reason I have this sneaking suspicion that the Great White Hope will be hooping elsewhere at the end of the year. His talents are pretty much wasted in Minny.

Devin Harris – Avery traded him once, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him to it again.

Peja Stojakovic – New Orleans could use help just about everywhere and teams looking for a veteran shooter and flexibility under the new CBA would have two good reasons to grab this guy.

One of these: Nenad Krstic, Serge Ibaka,  or B.J. Mullens – The Thunder are a bit Big heavy and in need of some veteran savvy, but just about everyone else on the team is off limits. Expect Presti to work some magic.

Rudy Fernandez – We all witnessed the drama this summer, and even though Rudy now says he’s happy, If I’m the Blazers I don’t risk keep this guy around much longer.

Andrei Kirilenko – The one piece the Jazz would most likely part with if it helped them get better.

Monta Ellis – From the minute he fell off his scooter this guy has been available, but he’s too expensive for a good number of teams…especially the Warriors now that there’s new management in town. Dude’s stock is as high as it has ever been, so now would be the time.

There you have it, a short collection of players that might, just might, relocate this season.