Summer Lovin’ Happened So Fast


For those of you who don’t know, the NBA holds a Summer League every year after the Draft and Free Agent signing period begins. It’s right around the corner, going from July 9th to 18th. It’s a time for rookies and unsigned players to showcase their skills (or lack thereof Jack McClinton). What’s so great about playing in the summer? I’m glad you asked. Follow the jump for untold riches and stories of grandeur! Ok to be honest it’s a story about a drunk Reggie Theus.

Location: Palms Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NVDate: July, 2008Time of Incident: approx 4 a.m.Nature of Incident: Drunken phone conversations

After a long night of partying (sitting at a table watching hot girls dance is partying right?) at Moon, my group decided to call it a night and head back to our hotel. But those genius Maloof brothers put the Casino right near the exit! Crafty bastards. On our way out I noticed a fairly tall gentleman talking rather loudly into his cell phone. Why it was Reggie Theus, then coach of the Maloof owned Sacramento Kings. It’s a bit hazy because I was less than sober myself but it sounded as if he was talking to a significant other and that person was none too pleased Mr. Theus was out so late on a weeknight. Who was gonna take the kids to camp the next day?!?! Anyways he hangs up and stumbles around for a bit. I shout out “Go Kings!!!” purely to get a response [Ed: Sure thing kiss-ass] and all I get in return is a thumbs up and possibly a bit of drooling. Instead of going up to him and asking him for an autograph (to go along with my collection of Mike Woodson, Eddie Johnson, and Larry Drew) I chickened out and we just decided to leave. After all, we were hoping to see Jerry Sloan give a motivational speech to one of the passing hookers on Las Vegas Blvd. And that’s my Reggie Theus story. See, Summer League is exciting isn’t it?

Photo Orlando Sentinel


Here’s some info on the Spurs and their Summer League plans:

Lingering effects from a strained hamstring could keep new Spurs draftee James Anderson out of next month’s Las Vegas summer league.

The injury kept Anderson from working out for several teams during the pre-draft proceedings, one reason he might have dropped to the Spurs at No. 20 on Thursday. The team is hopeful Anderson can play in Vegas, but doesn’t want to push him if he isn’t physically ready.

“Hamstrings are something you want to get healed,” general manager R.C. Buford said. “We’re not going to jeopardize a long-term injury at the expense of the lights of Las Vegas.”

The Spurs summer league squad did get a talent boost with the news that second-year forward DeJuan Blair, an All-Rookie selection last season, will make a return engagement to Vegas after all.

The Spurs originally had decided to keep Blair home to focus more on individual workouts. Blair, apparently, was able to change the team’s thinking.

“He wanted to play,” said Dell Demps, the Spurs’ director of player personnel and de facto GM of the summer league team. “The one good thing about DeJuan is he wants to get better. For him to want to come play in this, I think it says a lot about his personality and his commitment to getting better.”

The Spurs’ summer league schedule runs from July 12 to 18. Other players expected to participate are Alonzo Gee, Malik Hairston, Garrett Temple and Curtis Jerrells — a quartet that ended the season on the Spurs’ 15-man roster — as well as second-round draft pick Ryan Richards and former second-round pick James Gist.

Mike Budenholzer, the lead assistant on the Spurs’ bench, will coach the squad.

The Spurs will play on July 12th, 14th, 15th, 17th, and 18th. If you would like to go to any games you can buy tickets here. It will be a little disappointing if James Anderson doesn’t play but I can understand the Spurs playing it safe. I also love that DeJuan Blair ASKED to play. Dude really lives up to the nickname Beast.