Round 1, Game 5:: Spurs at Mavericks :: Full Recap

I know Gino. I am not sure what happened either in Game 5.(Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images)

Well it still remained true.  The team that won the first quarter in this series went on to win the game.  Dallas came out and needed the start they have been looking for the past three games against the Spurs.  Jason Terry made it known in Game Four in San Antonio that what the team needed was to come out on a good start and not wait late in the game to come alive.

This as we know used to be the problem of the Spurs.  We would come out lack-luster, with no aggression, we waited for the game to come to us.  In game five, Mavericks didn’t give us much chance to get anything going.

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I felt going into this game that we had a chance.  I mean we did win one in their place, game two, in a blowout, and George Hill was coming off of a huge performance, career setting if you will, in game four.  Looking at it more, Duncan, Parker and Ginobili didn’t do much, well they did put their stamp on the game, but you know where I am going with it, they didn’t score much.  Going into game five we had a chance, BIG chance.  I felt Duncan, Parker and Gino were going to be more aggressive in the game.  Parker and Gino were their norm, they got into the lane, hacked, bashed whatever you want to call it to get to the line.  They got there, shots didn’t fall.

Timmeh would finish with 11 points and 6 rebounds in just 23 minutes of play.  Ginobili added seven.  Parker on the other hand pitched in 18 to lead the team.  How did Hill do for his encore performance?  He finished with 12 points.

Dallas had San Antonio down by as many as 14 in the 2nd quarter leading into halftime but the Spurs would spark up a run and cut it to within 7.

We showed signs.  I felt good about the way we closed out the quarter.

In the second half, our scoring was know where to be found and Dallas would make us pay, especially Caron Butler.

Caron Butler torched us for 35 points. (Danny Bollinger/NBAE via Getty Images)

We scored a combined 35 points in the final two periods and Dallas, 50.  Butler was the star of this game as he seemed to hit everything that he put up.  35 points later he was the key to the Mavericks 103 to 83 victory.

Dirk Nowitzki did not need to do much but he still managed to get 15. 

All in all the Mavericks did what they needed to do.  They came out knowing they needed to keep this series going and needed to make San Antonio know that they were not going to lay down.  But for the life of me, I cannot to this day see how, a team can dominant so much in the series, our Spurs, and in Game 5 seem to fall off the face of the earth.  Someone please explain this to me.

Game Six will be back in good ole San Antonio on Thursday and I know Coach Pop got a good lashing on his team lastnight and they will be prepared to end this thing at the AT&T Center.

I know JT, I know. We are not worried at all.