Ranking The San Antonio Spurs' Potential Playoff Opponents

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Dallas Mavericks

Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Elizondo:

The Dallas Mavericks would be a favorable match up for the Spurs because age isn’t an issue for San Antonio when it comes to Dallas.

Dirk Nowitzki is 35, so is Shawn MarionVince Carter is 37.

Beyond Monta Ellis and Dirk, I just don’t see any consistent, viable options from Dallas. Vince has a good game once in awhile, but cutting off those primary two would put the Mavs in a panic.

Of course, easier said than done; but the Spurs are an extremely tough defensive unit while the Mavs aren’t quite there on either defense or offense.


Rhys Tong-Jones: 

You’re forgetting old man Jose Calderon!

But, realistically, you’re right, the age difference won’t be a big issue because other than Ellis, the Mavs don’t run up and down the court too much.

I think they might be able to scrape one win away from San Antonio, because Dirk will have one of those nights. But Kawhi Leonard matches up fairly well defensively with Nowitzki, as well as Duncan if the Spurs want to play big.

The Mavs will have to put Marion on Tony Parker to slow him down, (Jose Calderon and Monta Ellis aren’t any use here) which means Kawhi will have a mismatch. His post game is good enough to take care of smaller men in the post, and we all know he can hit threes over any “big” who tries to venture far out from the rim.

At least this match up would be good for the historical rivalry and might cause some bad blood! And the return of DeJuan Blair is a nice storyline, but all told the Spurs should win this matchup in a sweep.



I say we do 4-1 Spurs? Give the Mavs a win at home when Dirk and Ellis go off and the Spurs aren’t quite hitting the 3 or turning it over a lot. Series MVP? Tony?



Okay, I’ll give you the one Mavs win, maybe in game 3 in Dallas. Series MVP has to be Tony Parker here. Marion won’t be able to stay on him all the time, the matchups just won’t work, so once he’s free, he’ll clean up.


Record so far: 3-0 with one game remaining

Prediction: 4-1 Spurs

Series MVP:  Tony Parker

Entertainment: 4/5 stars

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