Ranking The Best Free-Agent Signings In Spurs History

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There is something that a team does to be competitive year in and year out.  For the San Antonio Spurs and their front office, they are doing something right for the franchise that have them rising to the occasion every single year.

When talking with my friends about the off-season, they always ask me, why don’t they go after the big free agents that are out there, they let other teams that they are trying to defeat get better.  My response, they [Spurs front office] knows what they are doing and how to evaluate talent that will best benefit the team.  You can’t deny the fact that they have done a remarkable job with this.

San Antonio may not have a free-agency transaction that rivals a LeBron-to-Miami-like deal, but four championships are hard to ignore, and each of the following ranked players was a part of a title team.

Many of the Spurs’ top players have come via the draft (David Robinson and Tim Duncan) or trades (George Gervin), but a handful of important role players have been added when the dotted line was signed.

This past season marked the franchises 16th consecutive trip to the playoffs and their fifth trip to the finals.  Though they could not capture their fifth title in franchise history, they have started to revamp for next year.

I will now take a look at some of the best free-agent signings in Spurs history.

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