Young, disgruntled athlete may provide huge opportunity for Spurs trade

Jonathan Kuminga is an appealing trade prospect but making a move for the Golden State Warriors disgruntled forward could complicate things in San Antonio.
Cedi Osman, Jonathan Kuminga
Cedi Osman, Jonathan Kuminga / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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Spurs need to consider if emptying their war chest of picks is worth it

The other consideration is what it would take to bring Kuminga to San Antonio. The Warriors have traded away young, promising players before, but, with respect, that was James Wiseman. If they decide they're going to move Kuminga—and it doesn't sound like they're too concerned with his frustrations—they're going to want more than a bench player and two second-round picks.

If the Spurs want to open up a spot for Kuminga, trading Keldon Johnson and two first-round picks to Golden State should be enough to make it happen. But would the upside of bringing in Kuminga be enough to justify making that deal?

I think a change of scenery could be good for Kuminga, and I'm confident that Gregg Popovich and the coaching staff could get the most out of his talent. But there's also an argument for the Spurs waiting and either actively using their future first-round picks or biding their time, letting their current roster develop, and then cashing those picks in for a superstar who can help them jump from a plucky underdog to a meaningful contender.

Of the two arguments, I give more weight to the second. The Spurs have a need at point guard; would they be better off waiting for the next superstar guard to ask out? How long will LaMelo Ball want to stay stuck in the mud in Charlotte? How could a change in ownership and another frustrating playoff exit impact how Luka Doncic feels about his future in Dallas?

There's a minuscule chance that either Ball or Doncic ever end up in San Antonio, but those are the kinds of trades you have to consider when you're sitting on as much high-value draft capital as the Spurs.

Still, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and the potential upside of trading for Kuminga should be enough to make the Spurs aggressively pursue a trade for him.