World unites to roast Curry fan for mind-numbing Tim Duncan attack

Tim Duncan, Stephen Curry
Tim Duncan, Stephen Curry / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

I never thought I'd be defending San Antonio Spurs legend Tim Duncan just hours after the Golden State Warriors clinched their seventh NBA Championship, but such is life sometimes.

In the early hours of the morning after Steve Kerr's squad clinched an unlikely title to continue their dynasty, there were likely thousands of hungover fans sleeping in after a night of partying and celebrations. That wasn't the case for Jim Park, aka @Sheridanblog on Twitter. Nope -- he used the opportunity to slander a completely unrelated individual instead.

Right off the bat, I had so many questions that I couldn't even set the order of them straight. I'll try though.

1. What does Tim Duncan have to do with anything that happened this year? He retired in 2016.

2. Why is he comparing a 6-11 post-up center to a 6-2 lights-out perimeter shooter in a one-on-one situation?

3. What exactly does this person believe would happen if Stephen Curry was forced to guard Tim Duncan in the paint? After all, he's putting Tim in Curry's territory (the arc) in his scenario.

4. As a Warriors fan, what did the Spurs ever do to this guy besides defeating his club in the 2013 NBA Playoffs, when Curry was still tuning up to what would be a Hall of Fame career? One could argue Spurs fans should be the ones with the grudge after Zaza Pachulia single-handedly torpedoed the franchise for years.

5. Why in the world is this assessment something he decided to tweet only hours after the Warriors won it all?

Of course, I couldn't help myself but to point out just how little this post made sense, especially as someone who's been able to enjoy multiple championship from my favorite team over the years:

Unsurprisingly, I wasn't the only one bewildered by the pointless tweet.

Even people in his own fanbase couldn't take it.

Several verified names with huge followings got in on the act as well:

If you think Park backed off at some point -- well, he didn't. In fact, he doubled down several times within the Twitter thread.

After some detective work, I was able to determine that this particular fan's grudge against Tim Duncan goes back many years. At last, some explanation.

So there you have it, folks. This has been a personal beef for some time now -- for whatever reason. I think most people out there would agree that it was hard to hate Tim Duncan, but I guess anything is possible if you try hard enough.

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As of now, the embarrassing tweet has over 1,500 quote tweets, with 99% of them rightfully calling out the awfulness of what they just read. Sounds about right.