Will you be the one to snag a Victor Wembanyama autograph for just $25?


With the NBA Draft just a couple of weeks away, San Antonio Spurs fans are salivating at the addition of Victor Wembanyama to the roster.

'Wemby' is being compared to LeBron James in terms of prospect quality. And it's pretty easy to see why.

He's just 19-years-old, stands around 7-foot-3, has great footwork and ball-handling for his size and can shoot.

He looks like a unicorn.

Which brings us to... well... investing. Wemby's autographs are going to skyrocket after the NBA Draft. So if you could get one, well it would be a great addition to your collection (or your bank account).

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For the price of $25, the possibilities are endless. Bowman Chrome U Basketball is your chance to chase the thrill of collecting, the excitement of unwrapping packs, and the dream of owning rare autographs from the game's future legends.

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Will you be the lucky one to snag that coveted Victor Wembanyama autograph? There's only one way to find out—grab a box of Bowman Chrome U Basketball and experience the heart-pounding excitement of the hunt!

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