Why Spurs fans should hope latest speculation doesn't become reality

NBA insider Marc Stein had interesting comments about a possible pairing between the San Antonio Spurs and Chris Paul that fans should not want.
Gregg Popovich
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One of the joys of the offseason can be all the speculation floating around the league. The NBA is a place of action and often, where there's smoke, there's fire. Unless you're on the wrong end of an obviously bad deal, change is exciting. The trade deadline is usually ripe with motion, while free agency follows suit, buzzing with activity. When your team is out of it, you keep your ear out for all the rumors rumbling and hope your team is smart, aggressive or both.

With the treasure trove of assets and money possessed by the San Antonio Spurs, they have been a huge topic of interest for many observers. NBA insider Marc Stein is the latest to throw around the possibility for the Silver and Black to finally obtain that veteran leadership that Victor Wembanyama covets.

The Spurs should stay away from Chris Paul

Chris Paul is due $30 million next season if the Warriors don't release him by June 28 and he has already confirmed a return for his 20th season. Paul has never been shy about the strength of his desire to win a championship, so it's unlikely he would want to join the youngest team in the league on a team-friendly deal.

It's probable to assume CP3 wants to join a title contender for a chance to finally bring that elusive ring home. Even if he would consider joining the Spurs, if he doesn't have a chance to win, he has no reason to take a major pay cut.

San Antonio would do well to ignore this speculation and look toward better options. The only guards who need to be playing active minutes for the Silver and Black are players who need time to develop or plan on being on the roster long-term. Chris Paul is neither one of those things. There will be plenty of other options in the offseason and patience has already been established as the name of the game.