Why Dallas Cowboys early exit matters to Spurs

The Dallas Cowboys' early exit puts all eyes on the young Spurs team.
San Antonio Spurs v Detroit Pistons
San Antonio Spurs v Detroit Pistons / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

That time of year has come. The Cowboys, once again, as seems a yearly tradition, break the hearts of Cowboys nation and miserably flame out of the playoffs at the hands of a lesser opponent. Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott disappears when it matters most, Dan Quinn ruins his chances at succeeding Mike McCarthy as head coach, and there are more questions than answers as they move into yet another early off-season.

The good news about the failure of the Cowboys, other than that it got out of the way earlier than expected and provided the seemingly infinite number of memes comparing them to hot garbage, is that now all eyes turn toward our favorite Silver and Black-clad team, the San Antonio Spurs!

What perfect timing too, as the Spurs have really been gelling of late since Tre Jones entered the starting lineup (despite the current showing against the Atlanta Hawks). Some expect wunderkind Victor Wembanyama’s minutes restriction to be lifted shortly as well.

The Cowboys faithful is strong in San Antonio and surrounding areas, and with the Cowboys playing, most fans haven’t been able to fully immerse themselves in getting to know Victor, Keldon, Devin, and the boys.

Now is that time. The Rodeo Road Trip is around the corner, and although the overall win-loss record isn’t anything to be excited about, fans now ready to tune in can be excited about the product being trotted out on the hardwood every night moving forward.

Rivalry week is around the corner, the All-Star Game shortly after that, and the push for the second half of the season continues. More eyes on the Spurs means more eyes on the young players, and Spurs Sports and Entertainment will take all they can get. The Cowboys' loss is the Spurs gain.