Why Andre Jackson Jr. would be the perfect fit for the Spurs in the 2023 NBA Draft

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Overall Impact: Making Winning Plays Above All Else

To win a championship, it's not only about having a superstar in place. It ultimately depends on a talented roster repeatedly putting the greater goal above everything.

Becoming a winning team often requires sacrifices as well as an ability to melt into the moment to form a hive-mind that ascends beyond what is achievable by an individual.

Many fans will read that and immediately envision the 2014 Spurs squad. Or maybe you're recalling the Denver Nuggets championship run this past season. Whatever iteration comes to mind, among the pieces in that roster are inextricable role players who bridged crucial gaps.

One thing is for certain: Andre Jackson Jr. exudes movement in the name of winning. Along with his stellar defense, it is the common thread evaluators point to — the je ne sais quoi to transform into whatever a team needs to propel it to victory. He is simply a certified Stuff-Doer™ who wows with hustle and an elevated understanding of the geometry on the court.

The Spurs want to get back to contending sooner rather than later, and will add a franchise-altering star in Wenbanyama to a talented young core of scorers hungry to round out their games. They'll need at least one glue guy to grow with them and facilitate their rise to the next level, in the same vein as other Spurs legends who contributed in myriad ways that didn't involve averaging double-digit points per game.

Drafting Jackson means recommitting to doing the little things necessary to return to championship glory. With that in mind, Spurs fans should root for the heart and soul of the Huskies to embark on his professional journey deep in the heart of Texas.