Wholesome viral video shows elite defender destined to be a Spur someday

A recent viral video reveals the personality of a player perfect for the San Antonio Spurs culture.
Gregg Popovich
Gregg Popovich / Jason Miller/GettyImages

The season is almost over, and many fans are sure to be thankful. As much as you enjoy watching your favorite team take the court, having to sit through repeated disappointment is not good for one's soul. Despite being marred with disappointment, the San Antonio Spurs displayed some exciting moments and cherishable memories for years to come. But as the end of the season approaches, it is time to start looking forward.

The roster needs to look different next season. Everyone is familiar with Coach Popovich's demand for selflessness. If you are not "over yourself," you won't fit the culture. Fortunately, Matisse Thybulle would fit like a glove in San Antonio for a number of reasons. When you consider the demeanor of Spurs legends going all the way back to David Robinson and beyond, they were all thoughtful men. Thybulle gives off those same vibes.

Matisse Thybulle can help the Spurs on the court

He sounds like a guy that Coach Pop would love to have on the roster. They could have amazing conversations, but his on-court presence would also be a boost for a team that struggles with defense immensely. San Antonio is no stranger to defensive specialists, and that is exactly what Thybulle is, averaging 1.8 steals per game this season.

He is only shooting 34% from three, but his abilities as a disrupter are too valuable to ignore. He can add depth to the bench unit, and he is under contract for two more seasons, with the second year being a player option. In both years, his number sits no higher than $11.5 million per season. The Spurs would do well to try and pry him from Portland in the offseason. It would be a major step towards fielding a competitive team in October.