What’s at stake in the 2024 NBA Draft Lottery for the Spurs?

The San Antonio Spurs are once again a lottery team, with the upcoming NBA Draft Lottery potentially having big consequences for the franchise. 
NBA Draft Lottery
NBA Draft Lottery / David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off Victor Wembanyama's Rookie of the Year win and him coming in second to Rudy Gobert in Defensive Player of the Year voting, fans of the San Antonio Spurs are having a big week. However, perhaps more consequential to the Spurs' long-term success is the upcoming NBA draft lottery on Sunday, May 12th.

The Spurs currently have the fifth-best lottery odds, with a 10.5% chance at the number one pick and a 31.6% chance at a top-3 selection. They will also have a chance at having another lottery pick thanks to the trade that sent former starting center Jakob Poeltl to the Toronto Raptors for a top-six protected pick in 2024 or 2025.

The Spurs have a 54% chance of landing the Raptors' first-round pick, with it likely to fall to either seventh, eighth, or ninth in the draft order. Of course, that would mean that there is a 46% chance that the Raptors pick doesn't' convey this year.

While that might be disappointing to many Spurs fans, it may still work out in the team's favor. The 2024 NBA Draft has been criticized as being one of the worst in recent memory, perhaps ever, so this might not be the best year to have two top-10 picks.

Would the Spurs be better off with only one first-round pick in the 2024 NBA Draft?

If the Raptors pick doesn't convey this year, the Spurs will have another crack at it next season since it will be top-six protected again. Considering the Raptors would have barely managed to keep their pick away from the Spurs, they might not be as lucky next season.

They could also be better after adding a high lottery pick to a young core consisting of RJ Barrett, Immanuel Quickley, and all-star Scottie Barnes. Even if they aren't much better next season, several teams may tank for a shot at projected first-overall pick Cooper Flagg.

That would increase the chances of the Spurs receiving their pick. Not just that but the seventh pick in this year's draft may be worse than, say, the 10th pick in next year's draft, meaning that San Antonio may get more bang for their draft buck were that pick not to convey.

Even still, while there aren't any surefire stars, the Spurs have a long history of finding diamonds in the rough and they may be able to work their magic despite a lackluster draft class.