Wembanyama reveals scary next step for his evolution in new interview

Victor Wembanyama sat down with Kevin O'Connor from The Ringer for an interview and had some fascinating things to say, including what he's working on next.
Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

San Antonio Spurs Fans have said it and fans have heard it all season long: "This is the worst that Victor Wembanyama is going to look." It's true and it's scary for the NBA. This kid came in with claims of being the greatest prospect in any sport ever. Some people accepted this as sincere, while others felt the scouts were embellishing.

There have been so many amazing prospects throughout the long history of sports around the world. It was hard to fathom that there was somebody new, so transcendent that nobody had ever seen anything like it. Despite those claims, there were expectations of a struggle to adjust in his rookie season offensively. You can find videos of many analysts predicting an immediate translation for his defense but thinking he'd have trouble adjusting to the speed and physicality of the NBA.

That prediction was challenged in a major way just five games into the season when Wembanyama dropped 38 points and 10 rebounds against the Phoenix Suns and the man he modeled a lot of his game after, Kevin Durant. In a recent interview with Kevin O'Connor of The Ringer, the number one overall pick disclosed his continued study of future Hall-of-Famer, KD.

Improving the nuances of his game will make Wembanyama unstoppable

To be clear here, when Wembanyama's three-point shot is falling, he already feels unstoppable but that's not always the case. Truly elevating your game to that sort of stratosphere requires developing moves all around the court to ensure you are not relying on one facet of offense to carry you.

The nuances Victor is discussing in the video speak directly to that. Kevin Durant can get his shot off just about whenever he wants to because of the way he moves at certain times, depending on the spacing and defense around him no matter where he is on the floor. It's nice being taller than everyone else but it take more than relying on your size to be efficient in the NBA. Guys are just too athletic for that.

As Wembanyama studies one of the best scorers to ever touch a basketball court, he'll pick up on a lot of that. Once he starts understanding particulars like how to effectively use the scheme of defenses against them or use the balance of a defender to his advantage, he'll unlock another level that should give incoming teams nightmares.