Wembanyama isn't human, and 3 crucial takeaways from Spurs overtime victory

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2.) Tre Jones must play more minutes with the starters

While this season will be full of experimentation and creative rotations, San Antonio must have Jones spend more time with the starters at the outset of games. That isn't to say Sochan can't run the point anymore, but this franchise needs to kick things off on the right foot to have a chance to win. Not only did Jones close the contest on Wednesday night, but he played every minute in overtime.

Instead of everyone taking turns throwing the ball side to side, it would be much more beneficial for Jones to get this group to their spots as early as possible. Not only will this builds confidence, but it will also instill better shot selection. Settling for contested jumpers has been a glaring issue for this offense. The offense has stagnated as players drive into traffic before kicking the rock to someone else who takes an low-percentage shot.