Wembanyama’s innocuous comment reveals how he really feels about Spurs

San Antonio Spurs fans have been worried that Victor Wembanyama may leave if the franchise does not move fast enough and his comments should interest them.
Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

The Spurs have a long track record of excellence that is observed by many across different sports and the world. When you've been led by one coach for over two decades, boasting 19 straight years of playoff appearances, including five championships, that reputation is undeniable. Missing the postseason the past few years has been brutal for fans but nobody can forget the excellence that has been on display during Coach Popovich's tenure.

Victor Wembanyama hasn't forgotten. There are multiple reasons the rookie center wanted to wear silver and black. One of those reasons is Gregg Popovich, as Wembanyama has expressed his admiration for the oldest coach in the NBA on several occasions.

Sure, Victor is confident in himself but he is smart enough to know that he needs the right things around him to reach the skyscraping heights he intends to reach. It's been made clear that he truly believes that San Antonio is the right place for that.

San Antonio's mutual trust with Wembanyama will lead to championships

The keywords in Victor's statement were the terms "when" and "we." Words matter. If Wembanyama had any doubts that San Antonio was capable of putting him in a position to win an NBA title, he would have used different wording. There is a loud section of the fan base that is scared that the French star will leave if the Spurs don't move fast enough. Those emotions should be quelled by the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

His fist pump to celebrate not going to Houston to his raw celebration when San Antonio was announced as number one. He's made statements to communicate his understanding of a patient process and he has expressed excitement about the notion of working with the organization. Now he's let us know that he doesn't just think they might get it done. He believes they will get it done. That belief is a strong thing.