Wembanyama's history-making night raises one major question for Spurs

San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama accomplished another impressive feat in a contest with the New Orleans Pelicans, prompting a mind-numbing question.
Victor Wembanyama, Jonas Valanciunas
Victor Wembanyama, Jonas Valanciunas / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

If you watched the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, you saw John Krasinski play the role of Mr. Fantastic for less than 15 minutes before he was obliterated. That may seem irrelevant until you find out fans had been hoping for that exact casting for years so to see it was elating. Then those fans were told John Krasinski would not be playing Mr. Fantastic in the future, leaving them outraged and wondering, "How could you waste Krasinski like this". Will similar questions be asked of the San Antonio Spurs this season about their Mr. Fantastic, Victor Wembanyama?

Wembanyama continues to break records and impact the game at a historic rate in his rookie season. He has already become the best player on the San Antonio Spurs despite his inexperience in the NBA because of his ability to impact so many aspects of the game at a high level. Leading all rookies in four major statistical categories is no small feat and it will not be undersold.

Don't expect Wembanyama to stop recording double-doubles any time soon

Since moving to the center position, Wemby has averaged 19 points, 16 rebounds, four assists, and four blocks per game. In hindsight, it was always the better decision to play the rookie at that position, understanding that power forward has more dynamic players in ability than most centers in this era. While there are some talented centers in the league, Wembanyama's greatest advantages will come against them as they are generally not quick enough to keep up with the French sensation.

Despite Wemby's efforts, the team is just not performing well. Allowing a Pelicans team shooting 35% from three on the season to blaze the Frost Bank Center at a 52% clip from deep is unacceptable. The Jeremy Sochan experiment that has stunted the growth of this roster looks bad after scrapping it 20 games into the season. The lack of true veteran leadership on this team is glaring. Whether due to poor roster construction or poor decision-making, one has to wonder if the Spurs are wasting an all-time great rookie season.