Wembanyama's foul-mouthed quote shows just how lucky San Antonio is

Victor Wembanyama let some choice words slip to express his feelings about getting a win back in San Antonio, and Spurs fans are going to love it.

Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Brien Aho/GettyImages

The amazing feats of Victor Wembanyama are just beginning. San Antonio Spurs fans are in for a strong run of pure elation for the foreseeable future, and the cultivator of the euphoria is The Alien. There are so many substantial parts of who this kid is as a player and as a person that make him special, and fans saw it all on display in the victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder, a bubbling rival.

Despite his extraterrestrial displays, Victor is still a young man, and men are vulnerable. The number one overall pick reminded the fans of that as he made his way to the microphone after the emotional home victory after a brutal Rodeo Road Trip.

Warning: NSFW language

San Antonio will be home to Wembanyama for a long time

There have been numerous examples of the number one pick expressing his understanding of the process and his desire to be in San Antonio. That has not stopped paranoid fans from projecting their fear of losing another star player onto the French phenom. May those individuals marred by phobia find refuge in Victor's latest Instagram post following the win.

His actions match his words at every turn so that worry needs to be put to rest. The only thing fans should be concerned about is enjoying the ride of a lifetime. After 20 years of excellence with Tim Duncan as the anchor, the Spurs have acquired Victor Wembanyama. If this is how he looks now, he has the potential to be the greatest player the world has ever seen. Life is good.