Way-too-early 2023 NBA Draft big board has sky-high potential

Dariq Whitehead - Nike Hoop Summit
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Spurs 2023 NBA Draft wing prospects

Even after selecting Jeremy Sochan in the 2022 NBA Draft, who I consider more of a big with perimeter skills rather than a modern NBA wing, the Spurs' young wing depth isn't particularly strong, and it could look even weaker by next offseason if Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell don't take another leap. Being that there is a large group of talented wings in this upcoming draft class, it wouldn't surprise us if the Spurs went this route.

Similarly to our top guard prospects, we're prioritizing players with high shooting and general scoring upside, but we're also looking for above-average to elite athleticism and space creation abilities. Good defensive instincts along with advanced ancillary skills like ballhandling and playmaking are also highly coveted.

Honorable Mention: Amen Thompson - Overtime City Reapers

There is absolutely no denying that Amen Thompson–and his brother Ausar, for that matter–are two of the 2023 draft’s best athletes. They’re such good athletes, in fact, that they’ll likely even outclass a large swath of NBA players in that regard immediately upon entry into the league. Concerning Amen specifically, when you combine that athleticism with the fact that he’s one of the better passers and wing defenders in his class, you find yourself with a player with quite a bit of two-way upside.

With that in mind, though, there are very few non-bigs featured here whose jump shot I’m lower on than that of Thompson. His shot mechanics will likely require a complete overhaul, he’s shot inefficiently from both the free-throw line and three-point line, and hasn’t shown particularly outstanding touch around the rim. As good of an NBA player as I think Thompson could be despite that massive drawback, it will take a very specific roster construction to get the best out of him, and the Spurs don’t stand out as that kind of a roster at this stage.

Other wings we’ll be monitoring:

Leonard Miller - G-League Ignite

Ausar Thompson - Overtime City Reapers

GG Jackson - South Carolina

Jordan Walsh - Arkansas