Way-too-early 2023 NBA Draft big board has sky-high potential

Dariq Whitehead - Nike Hoop Summit
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Spurs 2023 NBA Draft guard prospects

Here's how this list will work: we've split up this "big board" into guards, wings, and bigs. We'll begin each category with five honorable mentions (as seen below) with one candidate leading the pack that has a case to enter our list of the top five prospects in that category at some point later in the season. We will follow that up with our current top five players to watch in each category.

By now, after selecting three guards in the 1st round of the draft in the past two years, you may think that more guards will be the last thing the Spurs are looking for. Regardless, for this list, we prioritized guards that are (1) three-level scorers, with an emphasis on high-level three-point shooting, and (2) players that fit the mold of a lead guard, meaning they can regularly run a team's offense and create opportunities for others.

Honorable Mention: Anthony Black - Arkansas

This jumbo, 6’7” creator, who will be playing his freshman season with the Razorbacks, is already one of my favorite players to watch in his class. Already frequently compared to the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Josh Giddey, he’s a natural playmaker with a fantastic feel for the game on both ends of the floor. With that in mind, though, Black looks to already be the superior athlete of the two and has outstanding spatial awareness and coordination that help to raise his overall defensive ceiling. 

Unfortunately, his jump shot is highly questionable and will certainly be his biggest swing skill going into the draft. I won’t be holding my breath, but if there are any signs of an improved jumper–particularly from three–then he’ll end up skyrocketing up this list into our top five.

Other guards we’ll be monitoring:

Tyrese Proctor - Duke

Jaden Bradley - Alabama

Judah Mintz - Syracuse

JJ Starling - Notre Dame