Viewership numbers indicate an answer to NBA's biggest looming question

Social media numbers for the NBA are in and San Antonio Spurs center Victor Wembanyama found himself in the top 3 alongside LeBron James and Steph Curry.
Adam Silver
Adam Silver / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Countless times San Antonio Spurs fans have been hearing that the future is bright but the future is now. The process of assimilating the right pieces into the fold is the worst part of a rebuilding process. Before you find the player who steps into the light as "the guy," you have to kiss a few frogs.

It's no different than the dating world. It will feel like the most miserable experience imaginable before you find your person but once you do, things brighten up, even though the work to nurture the relationship is just beginning.

The Spurs have found their person. Not only are they sure that he's "the one," but everyone else is sure as well. The parents and the friends love him, and your hard-nosed boss, who gives everyone a hard time, spent half of the Christmas party chatting with him about Mission Impossible movies.

Fans all over the world want to see what Victor Wembanyama can do because they have never seen an alien play basketball. When you add his endearing drive for greatness into the fold, he becomes the most interesting player observers have seen in years. So when the question came up about who would be the face of the league this season, the answer was obvious.

Wembanyama's viewership numbers show fans have already chosen next face of the NBA

Victor Wembanyama's physical stature is impressive enough as it is. The way he's able to move at that size drops the jaws of fans on a consistent basis. Even after watching him for an entire season and coming to expect that he's bound to do something abnormal, you don't adjust to it. You may never adjust to it.

It's hard to fathom a center whom people argue over whether he is seven-foot-three, four, or five, moving like a point guard with elite passing skills and a pull-up jumper so smooth you see Kevin Durant similarities in him. People are watching. They are intrigued.

If he's even close to being correct about only performing at 15% of what he expects his prime to be, that intrigue will only continue to grow. While that growth is taking place, fans all over the world will continue to be engaged in San Antonio Spurs basketball to bear witness.