Wembanyama gives new glimpse into psyche with viral social media post

San Antonio Spurs center Victor Wembanyama just showed NBA fans that he has a long memory and plans to silence his critics.
Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Victor Wembanyama is the gift that keeps on giving for San Antonio Spurs fans. In a time where players like to be friends with one another, embracing each other in place of rivalries, it's nice to see the few who stay true to the competitive attitude that helped grow this game. Younger fans will defend the culture, accusing the older generation of instigating a toxic environment and ignoring the impact heated rivalries have had on sports everywhere.

Fans saw Wembanyama mean-mug or stare down opponents after monstrous dunks. He intends to traumatize his adversaries on the court because that's what he sees them as: adversaries. An attitude like that will extend beyond the court, but nobody has seen Victor interact with naysayers on the internet until now.

Wembanyama expects to dominate and that means something

Directly or indirectly, the French phenom is slowly but surely having his personality revealed to the public. His first purchase was reportedly a Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon. He was recently spotted at Heroes and Fantasies checking out trading cards, and Memphis Grizzlies guard GG Jackson explained how Vic goes about trash-talking on the basketball court. It's a pleasure to get to know him.

At every stop, it seems that Victor is a man of few words, but he gets his point across, reminiscent of the story Kevin Garnett told about Tim Duncan. Timmy's demeanor would make you believe he never spoke to opponents on the floor, but KG explained that The Big Fundamental would throw subtle shots at you throughout the game.

Like Duncan, Wembanyama does not have to acknowledge adversaries or trolls on the internet. The play on the court is sufficient enough to silence the noise, but the fact that they engage means they're listening and they intend to shut you up. Tread softly.