Wembanyama causes social media implosion with jaw dropper

Wembanyama electrified social media with an insane play during the San Antonio Spurs matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies, which you dare not miss.
Ja Morant, Victor Wembanyama
Ja Morant, Victor Wembanyama / Justin Ford/GettyImages

The shorthanded Spurs suffered defeat at the hands of Memphis. San Antonio hasn't beaten the Grizzlies in their last 12 matchups. But losing has become as common as breakfast tacos in the 210, so there's no need to focus on that. Sometimes, when you have to go out into a rainstorm to handle business, you just don't think about it. Grab a coat, throw some music on, and enjoy the ride.

To that effect, you should expect there to be many momentous plays from Victor Wembanyana this season. Revel in them. This kid has a toolbox so deep, you can fit three Wembys inside, and he is here to show it to the world.

Wemby's nickname is the Alien, for good reason. You don't see players attempt shots like that, especially with eight seconds left on the shot clock. Unless you're Victor Wembanyama, who was doing it before he arrived in San Antonio.

The Spurs knew what they were getting when they drafted the young French sensation. Everyone did. There was a reason established veterans, many of whom are a lock for the Hall of Fame, like LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo, warned the league to watch out for the incoming spacecraft from France. If you need more proof that the shot was not a fluke, you can hear him discuss himself.

Warning: NFSW language

Wembanyama turned in another impressive performance, despite the loss he and the team must escort back to San Antonio. 20 rebounds, seven rebounds, and four blocks will do. He even got his first one of the night on Ja Morant in an iso look. Morant learned the range of the Alien immediately and, credit to him adjusted his game accordingly. But who cares? Bask in the youthful excellence of a one-in-a-million talent.

Well said, Julian.