Unveiling San Antonio Spurs mid-season 2024 NBA Draft big board

The San Antonio Spurs could have as many as 4 picks in the 2024 NBA Draft. These are the names fans should keep an eye on.

Rob Dillingham - Kentucky v Vanderbilt
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With NBA All-Star weekend just past, the San Antonio Spurs are now over the halfway point through the season and past the trade deadline, meaning what Spurs fans are seeing now will more or less be close to what they’ll see for the rest of the season. With that in mind, it’s finally time to start talking more about the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft.

Some of the recent pre-deadline trades have undoubtedly affected the Spurs, even if they weren’t involved in any big trades themselves. The team is currently projected to have two 1st round picks in the top half of the lottery, along with the 33rd and 44th overall picks coming in the 2nd round. That’s four potential rookies making their way to San Antonio this coming June, and it comes in what is turning out to be one of the most challenging draft classes to analyze in recent memory.

The 2024 draft class has proven to be unprecedentedly fluid—players who were projected in the top five in the preseason may not be drafted at all, and some players who weren’t even featured in draft talks at all in the preseason have skyrocketed up boards. Unlike last year’s class, there isn’t a prospect that has separated themselves from the pack in the way that Victor Wembanyama did, meaning Spurs brass will have to do some serious homework before draft day in June.

For those same reasons, a slower and more calculated approach to draft analysis during this cycle is necessary. While this “big board” will feature brief introductions of the players Spurs fans should keep an eye on, the names here aren’t in any particular order and should serve more as a watch list than any definitive ranking. There has been a lot of movement on draft boards up to this point, and we expect even more movement going forward. Draft prospects’ full bodies of work will be more important this season than ever before.

With all of that being considered, without further ado, these are the names Spurs fans need to know moving into the offseason.