Unexpected Celtics deal opens door for major Spurs opportunity

The Boston Celtics announced a contract extension for point guard Jrue Holiday and the ramifications may allow the San Antonio Spurs to reacquire a fan favorite.
Gregg Popovich
Gregg Popovich / Tyler Kaufman/GettyImages

The possibility of Derrick White returning to the San Antonio Spurs has sparked intrigue among fans, with rumors circulating about a potential reunion with the team. With the Boston Celtics facing salary cap constraints following their recent contract extensions, the opportunity for White to return to San Antonio has become more plausible.

This is a massive deal and it further limits their financial flexibility, particularly with significant contracts already committed to Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Kristaps Porzingis. While Porzingis' contract decreases next season, Brown's sees a substantial increase from $31 million to $49 million per year.

Amidst these financial considerations, the Spurs emerge as a viable destination for White, given their available cap space and the potential to absorb his $19 million cap hit for the final year of his contract. If San Antonio can convince Derrick to agree to a team-friendly deal next offseason, they would be in a great position to challenge for the playoffs going into Victor Wembanyama's third season.

There are several reasons why Derrick White should return to the Spurs

White, a fan favorite during his previous tenure with the Spurs, would bring valuable experience and leadership to the team, particularly in guiding the second unit alongside Tre Jones. His versatility and ability to make high-level plays on both ends of the court have been sorely missed since his departure.

Moreover, White's return aligns with Wembanyama's desire for a veteran presence on the team. White, 30 in July, could fulfill this role while continuing to contribute on the court. Convincing the Colorado product to stay long-term may pose a challenge, as he may prioritize immediate success elsewhere, but the opportunity to be part of the Spurs' future trajectory could sway his decision when paired with a strong relationship with Coach Pop.

Overall, the prospect of Derrick White returning to the Spurs presents an enticing opportunity for both the player and the team. As discussions unfold, Spurs fans remain hopeful for a reunion that could bolster the team's roster and enhance their prospects for the seasons ahead.

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