Twitter unites to roast 76ers fan for freezing cold Spurs takes

Gregg Popovich, Doc Rivers
Gregg Popovich, Doc Rivers / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Coming out of Monday night’s matchup against the Minnesota Timberwolves, the San Antonio Spurs are 3-1. Their most recent two opponents, the 76ers and the Wolves, are a combined 3-5. Just as everyone envisioned. *puts hand to earpiece* Folks, I have to apologize— apparently the fact that the Spurs are already more than 10% of the way to their preseason win total and coming off of big victories against two projected playoff teams is not, in fact, what was expected.

The Spurs’ 112-105 victory over Philly wasn’t the only dismantling that went down on Saturday night, the second game of a back to back (SEGABABA in NBA lexicon) for the good guys. NBA Twitter celebrated the performances of Keldon Johnson (21 points, 8 rebounds) and Devin Vassell (22 points on 9-14 shooting, great defense on James Harden). They lauded Jakob Poeltl for his dominance over Joel Embiid on the interior in the fourth quarter (seen below). Credit is due to Embiid, who had 40 points and 13 rebounds. He did lose, though.

You may be wondering, "what was the other dismantling that Oscar referred to above?" For that, we turn to none other than #SpursTwitter.

One fan shares freezing cold takes on the Spurs

Most importantly, fans of all teams teamed up to tear apart Sixers fans who made some bold claims pregame. One Philadelphia basketball supporter by the name of Scott was particularly confident about how badly his team would beat the Spurs (tweets below). I mentioned Jakob’s performance earlier. Though he was in foul trouble most of the game—as are most tasked with guarding Embiid or Harden (cough… free throw merchants)—he was not, in fact, “a traffic cone.” 

If you can’t tell by the quote tweet/comment to like/retweet ratio, my man Scott is getting cooked. He was wrong about pretty much every assumption he made in those tweets and more. Mr. @greedisgood70 was all over Twitter making proclamations about how the game would go, and only sort of went back on his thoughts after the loss.

I personally want to thank Scott for making an enjoyable weekend for the Spurs (with a win over the Pacers the day before the Sixers game) even more fun. It can be quite entertaining to be the underdog.

Now, how did Spurs Twitter respond to the man after the win? As only they should.

Spurs Twitter goes in on the ill-advised tweets

Spurs fans seem to be unsure how to handle this start. Some are using the two victories to clown those rooting for the tank. Some on “tank” Twitter seem to be getting worried about the Spurs winning too many games. I can pretty definitively say to both sides that they needn’t get up in arms.

San Antonio has only played three games and despite the hot start, is still one of the worst teams in the league. Plus, there are trades to be made to further strip the squad of talent as the focus shifts to Wembanyama. Coach Popovich has navigated a losing season before, and all were happy with the results.

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When given the opportunity, let’s instead focus on the fun we can have taking shots at fans of contenders when our team beats theirs. More Scotts are out there. Your job is to find them.