Tre Jones tremendous improvement in crucial area puts Spurs in great position

Tre Jones has improved his game during the season in a way that will make the offseason a little easier for the San Antonio Spurs.

Tre Jones, Day'Ron Sharpe
Tre Jones, Day'Ron Sharpe / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

There are a lot of decisions to be made about the roster during the upcoming NBA offseason for San Antonio. While having the war chest of assets the Spurs have is a preferential position to be in, it still puts pressure on the front office to ensure they make the right moves. After this season, one thing is for sure: they can't simply stand pat, hoping that guys work out later. Having the worst year in franchise history should not be on the table, but that is where they find themselves.

After putting forth this type of disappointing effort, nothing can be off the table to improve besides the status of Victor Wembanyama as the franchise cornerstone. You may have strong preferences for keeping certain guys, but nothing can be set in stone. To that effect, when guys show that they belong, it makes the job of PAFTO (Pop and the front office) that much easier. Tre Jones has solidified himself as one of those players.

Tre Jones is a winning basketball player the Spurs should keep

When Jones was finally inserted into the starting lineup after the parade of experiments from Popovich, there was an immediate, noticeable improvement. The team began to look more organized on offense, and the defense on the perimeter began to improve but there was still something missing. There was no deep threat on the perimeter because Jones had not been knocking down his opportunities yet. His attention to detail midseason has radically changed that.

Victor Wembanyama, Devin Vassell, Jeremy Sochan, and Tre Jones are all players who struggled early and made aggressive improvements over the course of the season. That type of dedication to the craft is exactly what the Spurs need on the roster. While Jones will likely end up coming off the bench, he will be one of the most valuable backup point guards in the league, and having that position solidified is imperative to a franchise that has always relied on depth.