Top 5 steals leaders in Spurs franchise history filled with legends

Rookie of the Year Victor Wembanyama had an impressive season with steals too, prompting a look back at the San Antonio Spurs top 5 steals leaders.
Tony Parker
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3. George Gervin (1159)

George "Iceman" Gervin made his professional debut in the days of the ABA. He was drafted by the Virginia Squires, a team that was canceled before the merger because of missed payments. Before that could happen, they traded Gervin to San Antonio for cash and the rest is history.

The Eastern Michigan guard had a legendary career in the 2-1-0. He played 12 seasons for the Spurs and averaged over a steal per game, forcing teams to respect his defensive presence almost as much as his dynamic offensive attack. Gervin is one of the most beloved players in San Antonio's great history. His highlights are still impressive to watch to this day.